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Holy Spirit Coffee Tour represents the purest essence of our coffee tradition. Surrounded by 247 hectares of premium coffee, the estate offers visitors the true story behind a steaming cup of coffee. Live with us an unforgettable experience in a natural environment, visit us, we are waiting, eager to show one of the most beautiful places in this county Alajuelense, birthplace of the coffee-growing country. 


Center located in Naranjo en route to La Fortuna de San Carlos, 10 minutes from Sarchi, home of our national craft en route to the Port of Guanacaste and Puntarenas.



During the trip which is 5 minutes from entering the farm up to the house, visitors will be informed through the guidance of the agency about the history of the estate, location, altitude and topography..

1. Rancho "Mirador"

The first station is a comfortable ranch where they are given an official welcome, it has a capacity of 60 persons given tasting coffee in a warm and peaceful atmosphere that will transport them to the most famous festival of culture of Costa Rica.


2. Nursery

Before coming to the nursery season, tourism will see our garden, which has tomatoes, corn, radishes, cucumbers and more. The tour begins at the side of the mansion, with the demonstration (the coffee at different stages of development). They will appreciate the planting from the nursery to the plant that produces coffee ..Then they are taken on a tour of the farm, where he explains flowering, pruning, soil preparation and harvest time. And tourists can feel what being inside a coffee plantation.


3. Get on the WagonHere

we explain the origin and the uses that have given to this means of transport, one of our eight symbols also can admire a beautiful specimen of more than 60 years in our station, "Get on the Wagon."


4. Benefit

Then we moved to benefit where they show the process of pulping, screening and fermented, concluding this part of the visit to the drying patios.


5. Toasted

The unique aroma of roasting room, one of the largest and most beautiful in the country, will be the penultimate stage of the tour, which is where we will show the ovens and the packing process and the different roasts and cooking time thereof.


6. La Casita de Juancho

The "Casita de Juancho" will have the opportunity to see the place where our ancestors lived, who used the kitchen and bedrooms, plus they will demonstrate how they dripped coffee.


7. Craft StoreOnce

the tour, the group is brought to the craft store, so you can buy a souvenir of the tour and all the coffee you want.

The Tour Includes:    

  • Transportation. with A/C, WiFi, usb radio.  
  • Visit to Esparza town 
  • Visit to Butterfly Garden in San Ramón   
  • Bilingual tour guide.     
  • Visit to Sarchi town and oxcar factory
  • Coffee tour in Naranjo



The price is per person and please confirm with a quote in our web