Irazu Volcano

National Park

Irazu Volcano National Park is located in the canton of Oreamuno, 32 km northeast of the city of Carthage. Is a National Park since June 1955 by the Organic Law of the Costa Rican Tourism Institute. It is an area of interest to scientists for their estudiasntes and geology, for communities that depend on water resources and tourism companies by the lure of great relevance.

With an altitude of 3,432 meters above sea level, is the highest volcano in Costa Rica.
Around the crácteres you can see a low vegetation diversity d are distinguished species of flora and fauna.

Due to its geological feature, is an area of ​​interest to students and scientists, as eruptive events held in recent years.

Because of the high, past agricultural activities and volcanic activity, the wildlife is not so outstanding. Most of the forest area can be seen on the Caribbean side of the volcano.
Around the craters we see a low vegetation, where species are distinguished as myrtle (pernetia consanguineun cortacea and Vaccinium), the umbrella poor (Gunnera inisignis) and the slip of paper (Senecto oerstedianus), species with flowers showy yellow. Most of these stories high, have very specific characteristics in the size and thickness of the leaves, which are usually small, thick and leathery (hard). This adaptation allows them to withstand high winds and strong changes in temperature.
Some plants have in their branches and leaves, reddish substances that allow them to reduce the effect of high solar radiation.
In other sectors can observe species such as oak (Quercus sp.) And arbutus (Weinmania pinnata), trees covered encuestran many epiphytes and, in many cases, such as parasitic strangler fig (Psittacanthus schiedeanus) species whose inflorescence orange can be seen from far away.
Wildlife is scarce, however, animals live there as Cayotes (canis latans), rabbits (silvilagus brasiliensis), squirrels (Sciurus granatensis) and porcupines (coendooou mexicanus). Birds are more numerous and more common around the craters, such as vulcanero reed (reed volcanism), acorn woodpecker (melanerpres formicivorus), and yigürro comemaíz escarchero (Turdus nigrecens).