Learn more about us with our Mission, Vision and Values ​​Our Business

we are the travel agency in Costa Rica with personalized service available to families and groups of friends visiting our country.


Since 2004 we open like a transport company after that, as soon how we did a travel agency to the service of the traveler in our country with quality.

As a company serving all audiences we have the international quality standards recognized by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT), with tourist Travel agency statement.



Respecting well as established by law in Costa Rica, we comply with social and environmental safeguards and participating in the development of the country.



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We are the travel and tour operator with the lowest prices in the market, but very good quality to ensure customer satisfaction and abroad.

We will be the most recognized companies in the travel industry by entertainment in the region of Puntarenas center, offering a wide range of service with low prices, to his see to be the company's micro impulsadora tourism entrepreneur in the country giving sales bench and advertising.

Business Values

Customer responsibility: the responsibility of the company to offer services and products of value to society.


Corporate responsibility: The company will maintain social responsibilities to their employees and the Costa Rican society.


Punctuality: being a company that offers tours and travel service timeliness is an important value.


Respect: The person above all. The supreme value governed relations between the organization and its stakeholders: customers, shareholders, employees, suppliers and community.


Continuous improvement: We learn and improve continually, recognizing our strengths and weaknesses. 


Environmental Responsibility: Considering our contact with the environment and people the company added to the environmental education service as added value.